Short Story 3: 10,000 Hours and Counting

Written by Nicole

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For this lovely blog post, I’m sharing my third short story which is called 10,000 hours and counting.

I wrote this because I was inspired by a song I like. The song I chose is called 10,000 hours by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber. I had a different song in mind that I was originally going to write about. But 10,000 hours just popped up in my head, so I rolled with it. 

The lyrics are very sweet and romantic. It’s the type of music that is perfect for weddings. A man can even use this song to confess his love to the woman he likes. 

When I was listening to this song, it got me thinking. It’s about a couple who has been together for at least a year. The guy is completely enamored by the girl he’s with. I find it interesting how he wants to know more and more about her, regardless of how long they’ve been together.

In my opinion, I don’t consider one year to be a long-term relationship. I feel like one year is enough to get to know the basics of the person you’re with. Those include things such as personality, hobbies, interests, and goals.

It takes a while to truly get to know someone. For example, I didn’t really know my closest friends until about the third year of being with them.

Anyways, those are my thoughts when it comes to this song.

Let’s move on to my third short story as shown below.

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Short Story 3: 10,000 hours and counting

10,000 hours? That’s about a year and 3 months.

Not to be a cynic, but I didn’t think I was going to last this long. I was always used to being alone. At school, I tried my best to make friends. Eventually I gathered a little group of my own. 

For a while, everything seemed okay. Unfortunately shit happened. Next thing I knew, I was home everyday constantly stuck with my own thoughts. I didn’t have anyone to talk to.

It’s one thing to be alone for a while. But when you do this too often, you become a hermit who doesn’t feel like going out anymore and just hides in their cave. I try to reassure myself that this lifestyle is better. I don’t have to deal with other people and their bs. 

I can completely get lost in my own little world. Of one.

I try to convince myself that I’m a powerful lone wolf who wanders the world confidently. In all honesty, I’m more like a stray dog who eats leftovers off the street, hoping to survive each passing day.

I feel hungry. Cold. Thirsty. Empty. This is loneliness. It nearly consumes my very being entirely. It’s like being sick and not knowing what the cause is.

I go to cafes sometimes to watch others. Wondering what plays on their minds. I do this for a while, not keeping track of time. Other peoples’ lips move, as they stare at the menus, thinking of what kind of coffee to get. 

Not that there’s many types of coffee here anyways. They all taste alike.

It’s the same damn routine. But it’s my way of trying to maintain whatever sanity I have left. 

I thought today was going to be the same as it always was.

That is . . . until you walked in.

As comical as this sounds, I swear my jaw almost hit the table when I watch you strut in like you own the damn place.

You glance around, pausing as you bend over slightly with laughter. I can’t hear what is being said, but I guess you’re chuckling at something one of your friends said.

I almost cracked up. I didn’t even notice your friends walking by your side this whole time. And I thought I was observant.

Your long hair sways effortlessly as you turn, and this is when you finally notice me. My heart beats harder when you cease laughing, continuing to lock your gaze onto mine. 

I thought that you were going to break eye contact and get on with your day. Yet I’m caught off guard when you decide to walk in my direction.

I briefly look around to see if you meant to go somewhere else. But I hold my breath when you stop right in front of my table, flashing me a huge smile.

“Hi,” you say. “How are you doing today?”

I feel my face get warm. Even your voice is pretty.

“I . . . I’m fine,” I reply. “How about you?”

“I’m good! I saw you sitting in the corner by yourself, so I wanted to say hi. What are you working on?”

You walk around the table and stand right next to me. Your breath lingers on my neck as you lean over to check out what’s on my screen.

“Numbers?” you comment. “Are you studying?”

“Yes,” I say. “I have a math test coming up soon.”

“That’s cool. It’s probably better to study in a place you’re comfortable in.”

“Being at home is boring. I started coming here to get some fresh air and watch other people walk by-”

I stop myself when I realize what I said in my last sentence. I bite my bottom lip immediately, averting my gaze.

“That’s interesting,” you respond. “I don’t do it, but everyone has their own unique hobbies.”

I look again as you bless me with another beautiful smile. I’ve only seen it a few times so far, and I know it’s something I want to see everyday.

“We should hang out,” I say softly. “I could teach you the art of people-watching.”

My lips curl when you break out in laughter at my bad joke. You wipe a tear hanging from the corner of your eyelid.

“You’re charming,” you tell me. “I can sit with you for a while, but I have to go back to my friends after this.”

“Oh you’re fine honey,” a female voice suddenly blurts out.

We both turn and see your two friends standing near us.

The girl who spoke up earlier continues to talk.

“We’re going next door to get something to eat. Join us when you’re done talking to him.”

They smirk at each other before your other friend also starts speaking.

“Or you could stay here and flirt with him all day,” she says.

I stay quiet while you roll your eyes. 

“Buh-bye guys!” you sass at your friends.

The pair only smirks and giggles to each other before they finally leave the cafe.

“Freakin’ pricks,” you mutter. We both cackle afterwards.

“Where were we?” 

This is the last thing I remember dreaming about before I feel my shoulders being shaken roughly. My eyes flutter open as I focus my vision, seeing you lean over me.

“We’re late,” you state gruffly. “You were supposed to pick me up 20 minutes ago. I called the restaurant, and they said they’ll extend our reservation for a while longer. But we gotta hurry. Get your sleepy ass up!”

“I’m sorry,” I reply before letting out a yawn. “I was having a really amazing dream.”

“I saw that. You were smiling in your sleep. What were you dreaming about?”

Cocking my head, I cheekily smirked. “Other girls.”

You glare at me, removing your hands from my shoulders. 

“You’re a prick. I’m leaving.”

You start to get off of me, but I quickly wrap my arms around your waist and pull you back onto my lap.

“Don’t worry,” I say. “I was dreaming about the time when we first met. These other girls were your friends who kept laughing at us.”

You breathe out a sigh of relief, and I kiss your cheek apologetically.

“I’m sorry,” I continue. “I love teasing you. We’ve been together for over a year, and I rarely see you get jealous.”

“You don’t want to see me get jealous. I will destroy you if I’m angry enough.”

“I believe you,” I reply. “There’s still so much I don’t know about you.”

“What do you want to know?” you ask.

“Why do you like rain? What do you dream about? What’s your favorite song? How do you say your middle name? Do you miss your hometown? Are you-”

“Alright,” you interrupt. “I was expecting a question or two. Not a damn Q&A. I might answer some of those if you hurry your ass up and take us to the restaurant.”

“Okay, my darling,” I say. 

I place my hand in yours, yelping as you easily pull me up and lead us toward the front door. I smile when you glare at me for not putting my shoes on fast enough.

So far, we’ve been together for 10,000 hours. And still counting.

Thank you for reading my sweet and kinda sassy story! 💜

I enjoyed writing this since I live for love. This is also probably the first time I’ve written a story inspired from a song. I can’t wait to share more stories in the near future.

Comment down below if you remember what it’s like meeting your significant other for the first time. Or if you don’t have one, how do you imagine meeting them? Do you think one year is enough to truly get to know someone?

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