My first Q and A (about Creative Writing lol)

Written by Nicole

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I almost can’t believe I’m going to do my first Q&A! About Creative Writing of course lol.

This is different from my usual content since I blog about teaching others how to get better at writing. Someone requested that I should do a Q&A, which I was wary of at first. I haven’t done many interviews in my life. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work.

It took me a while to come around. When I filmed the video for this post, I realized it was lots of fun for me to do Q&As. It’s good I am able to help some of my readers with their questions too.

Here is a list of 5 questions people have asked me.

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1. What kind of a writer are you?

I purposely chose this question to be my first one because I never specified what kind of writer I am. I literally just put Writer in my bio. I may add more to it now, but we’ll see.

So the kind of writer I am is a storyteller. Especially in Romance writing. I’ll write other genres too at times, but romance is my favorite. 

I dabbled in other forms of writing such as poetry, songwriting, and screenwriting. People liked my other work before which was nice. 

In my opinion, I got bored of poetry pretty quickly. It takes more time for me to write a song unless I practice it constantly. And I don’t particularly care for screenwriting although the high school play I wrote before was pretty awesome.

Writing stories is something I would never get bored of. I have tons of great ideas. The thing I learned is that while it’s easy to start a story, it is much more difficult to finish one. 

I know this since it took me 3 years to finish A Right Love from a Wrong Wish. Feel free to visit my About Page if you would like to see what the book is about and read it. I’ll appreciate it.

2. What are some of your favorite books?

A couple of people asked me this question. The funny thing is I actually wrote a blog post about a few of my favorite books before. It’s called Here are 3 books that I fangirl over if you wish to check it out.

I’ll still talk about a couple of book recommendations I never mentioned before.

My favorite romance book I loved when I was younger is called Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. It’s about some gang member and a stereotypical white girl falling in love with each other after they get assigned as Chemistry partners. I love this story, not just because of the romance, but it also helped me learn about race to a deeper extent. 

The book addresses how Mexicans are stereotyped to be part of gangs, or how White people are obnoxious Karens and Kens. There’s truth in both; however, the story also shows that the main characters grow out of those labels. They decide they’re better than what people expect them to be, and they learn to walk their own paths. 

I recommend this book because it’s a really amazing story.

The other book I recommend is called Wendy Darling Volume 1: Stars by Colleen Oaks. It is based off of Wendy from Peter Pan. If you read this book, it will feel very familiar to you once you’ve seen the Disney movie. 

What makes this book different is that while it seems very innocent, it’s also psychologically dark. You might not even look at Peter Pan the same way after you read this. It’s still worth reading though.

When I first read it, that book just came out so it was years ago. The other books in the series weren’t even out yet. After writing this blog post, I am going to order the other two books and finish the series. I remember why I love this series.

I also remember Peter Pan was obsessed with Wendy. Peter became very possessive of her, and he’d be willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. (Exactly my kind of guy.) 

I did not fully understand how abusive this version of Peter Pan was when I was younger. But I knew whatever he was doing didn’t feel right and just gave me chills. Oh and the ending, I would talk about it but it’s better if you actually read the book.

Those two books are probably geared toward young women, but I feel like men would also enjoy the Peter Pan book. I recommended this book to some of my guy friends, and they enjoyed it.

Yeah I really need to get the other two books and read them with my friends. They probably don’t know there’s a series.

3. Is there a story you’re working on right now?

As a matter of fact, yes. I am currently writing a story called Red Silver Hearts. You can also head to my About Page if you would like to check it out and read it. Thanks again for the support by the way!

Red Silver Hearts is a fanfiction about two of my favorite characters Steven Stone and May from Pokemon. I pretty much started writing it because I was playing Alpha Sapphire, and I became inspired enough to write my own take on it.

Honestly, even if you haven’t played Pokemon, you’d still be able to enjoy my story. There were some people who didn’t know anything about DBZ, and they read A Right Love from a Wrong Wish. It’s kinda funny when they talked to me about it. They said something like: “I don’t know everything that goes on since I didn’t watch the show, but I love this story!”

I read stuff from other fandoms that I didn’t know anything about. I still liked the content because the stories were just that good. It pretty much comes down to whether or not you’ve written a good story.

4. What is your inspiration for writing?

Okay this is a hard yet simple question for me. My answer is that it really depends on what I’m doing at the moment. Right now I’m working on my blog Nikkaflora, so I’m currently teaching others how to be better writers. I also try to spread positivity whenever I can. 

Like for example, on my Instagram, I post on that platform the most out of my social media because it’s my favorite. I talk to my friends there often and see what they’re up to. I like watching different art videos. Stuff like that.

In my posts, I started writing these long descriptions under the pictures or videos I make. They’re kinda lengthy, but they’re also very easy to read. What I like is how some people told me privately that they like reading my captions as well as the good messages I send out often. 

At first I was kinda shocked and I laughed about it. I basically said: “Oh you actually read them?” I know people are often impatient. It takes a bit of time to read my posts and digest the material. Even with this in mind, I know people will still feel good when they see my content.

The people who told me they enjoy my posts were like: “Heck yeah! I try to read every single one. They’re very positive, refreshing to read, real, and down-to-earth.”

This made me really happy because I was told that recently. I mean, I’m not perfect. Not that I try to be anyways. But it’s nice to know I’m starting to make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

I try to write something authentic from my personal beliefs. I believe in making the most out of life and being happy with the people I love.

I don’t want to be a troll who writes trash on the internet. You know what I’m talking about. If you’ve been on Reddit or other sites, you’ll come across people who constantly whine about some dynasty shit and only spread negativity. 

That’s their life. Which is not my cup of tea. I’m not optimistic all the time either, but I wouldn’t want to drown in darkness.

5. How are you able to write everyday?

I briefly talked about this topic in one of my Instagram posts or perhaps more. I remember talking about how I wanted to build more good habits in my life. 

I pretty much got writing stuff down everyday. Now I’m working on exercise. Which I’ve been doing well at lately. I’m happy to be pushing through.

So I am able to write everyday because it’s a habit built through years of my time. It may not be what you want to hear. However, there is no shortcut when it comes to building habits. You would still have to put the work in. 

The circumstances in my life also encouraged me to consistently write. For example, working on my book trained me to write continuously. Especially when it started to gain popularity. 

People messaged me when I was inactive before and suddenly stopped writing. I stopped working on my story at times because of reasons like burnout, boredom, or a busy schedule.

These people, even my friends too, wanted me to continue posting chapters. Eventually there was this newfound pressure added on me. And it kinda forced me to keep going. 

Which was a good thing in that particular situation. It means people like what I do and want to see more. 

I didn’t have to finish the book just because people wanted me to. However, I knew I would feel so amazing for myself once I completed it. I would create a story I can go back to and read over and over again.

The thing I gotta say is: While it’s amazing to have people who support you, if you want to write everyday or just do anything consistently, you have to learn how to motivate yourself. 

You have to constantly remind yourself that whatever it is you want to do is worth it. Even if you don’t have anyone on your side cheering you on. 

I mention this because not everyone has people to support them. If you really want to do something, are you going to wait until you have validation from someone else and then you’ll finally do it?

I love it when my friends support me. But even if they didn’t, it’s not going to stop me from doing what I want to do.

Remember. It does take time, and maybe some pressure, to build the habit of writing everyday.

💜 Thank you for reading my blog post!

I really enjoyed answering your guys’ questions. If there are questions you would like me to address in another Q&A, comment down below or contact me on social media. I look forward to hearing from you.

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