Introducing Nikkaflora (2023)

Written by Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole! Here at Nikkaflora, we help people create their dream story and their dream life through the power of storytelling, creativity, and personal growth. In my free time, I enjoy watching Dragon Ball and drinking boba.


There are so many things that I can say for my first post: Introducing Nikkaflora.

It reminds me of when I was in school, and the teacher would tell every student to stand up and introduce themselves to the class. I remember laughing at some of my classmates whenever they grumbled and said they didn’t like presenting themselves to people.

Honestly I get it. I used to feel the same way too. I’m pretty sure public speaking is one of people’s greatest fears. And here I am, writing my thoughts out for strangers to read on the internet lol.

In fact, it was almost paralyzing for me to want to write anything because so many ideas ran through my head. Like what the heck do I even talk about for my first post? What should I say to everyone who reads this?

After some contemplating, I finally managed to figure out what I wanted to write. I’m sure many of you are curious as to what Nikkaflora is about. So I will share who I am as a person, diving deeper into introducing this blog and how it can help you in your life. Enjoy!

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This is a photo of Nicole from Nikkaflora resting casually on a bench and making a peace sign at the viewer. She appears to be laidback, enjoying the day under sunny weather. Image by © Nikkaflora.

About me

Hi, my name is Nicole! And I am the face of Nikkaflora. *wink*

I love doing yoga to unwind, eating good food and hibernating, reading books until my brain can’t take it anymore, adoring how animals are majestic and perfect in their own ways, and talking smack with or about my friends.   

Out of all of my interests, art is my first love. It’s the one thing I’ve done the longest in my life. And I would never give up creating art. 

It’s also funny and ironic when I mentioned that I love art. I used to hate it when I was a kid. I remember groaning and constantly complaining to my teachers about how art was a waste of time. Back then, I believed that art was for lazy losers who can’t make money. All I cared about was playing outside and cuddling with my dogs.

In second grade, there was this new art teacher named Ms. Karen who started working at the school. Even as a kid, I was relentless and still pointed out to her how art was useless. Ms. Karen just smiled and assured me that art can be really fun. 

I wasn’t convinced, but she persuaded me to give art a real chance. And I have not regretted it ever since.

It turned out my art back then wasn’t complete crap, and it was decent for a seven year old. My teacher told me I have the potential to become an amazing artist and be successful in whatever else I decide to do. 

I have great respect for teachers who truly care about enriching the lives of their students. Ms. Karen taught at my school for one year, but that time with her literally changed my life. She showed me how fun it is to embrace creativity and to try new things. I am very grateful for her. 

Besides art, my other love is storytelling. I began to write stories a year after I fell in love with art. 

Back in third grade, my homeroom teacher gave us a writing assignment: we had to create a short story. It was either due the next day or the following week. I used to think that writing was annoying and a waste of time. Like who the heck wants to write boring essays for school? However, I gave it my best shot and worked hard on my story. 

The story ended up being about this girl named Violet who goes on an adventure with the Ice Princess. Violet helps the Ice Princess take back her land and restores her true heritage by battling this gang of beasts.

I was very proud of that story. It led me to think about how I am going to be a badass author someday. 

After this experience, I worked harder than everyone else on my writing assignments along with every other subject in school. 

It was hilarious seeing the look on my third grade teacher’s face when I turned in my story. I’m pretty sure mine was three to five pages (front and back) whereas everyone else turned in one to two pages. I don’t discredit my former classmates’ work, but I was the only one who was passionate about the storytelling assignments.

The positive encouragement from my art teacher, along with the support from my family and friends, propelled me to come to this point in my life. And that is introducing Nikkaflora – a platform where I can showcase my books, stories, artistic projects, and personal growth knowledge.

This is a photo of a black notebook embellished with a design of golden flowers. A pen rests on top of the notebook. The photo is used to portray how writing is instrumental in the foundation of the Nikkaflora Blog. Image by © Nikkaflora.

Why I created Nikkaflora

I made up my own catchphrase: “Create, appreciate, and f*** hate”. I literally say this in all my videos. It sounds kinda raunchy, but I love how straightforward it is.

As for what I will be saying next, I’m going to drop some golden nuggets of wisdom. And I will be blunt about this too.

So I’m a big believer in creating your own dream life. I believe that no matter how good or bad someone’s circumstances are, everyone has the choice to change and take action toward the life they want to live.

I say this because too many people in the world blame others or all of these external factors as for why their lives are miserable. For example, some people say they are stuck with a minimum wage job they hate and blame their parents for not being able to pay for their college education.

Or if they do go to college, people blame their teachers or counselors for not being able to pass their classes and get a degree. Even if they obtain a degree, people blame the economy and businesses for not being able to get a job afterwards.

If people get into a romantic relationship, they expect their significant other to solve every problem for them. People will tear their partner down if they cannot live up to their unreasonable expectations. 

Those are some common frustrations people have said to me in person. I see why unfortunate circumstances can make someone feel like having anything good in life is impossible. 

However, I also see what these people said as excuses. I met too many people who wish they had a different life. They don’t want to be single anymore. They want more money. They want a home. They want a better career. They want this and that.

However, you will never get your dream life if all you do is complain and blame others, refuse to hold yourself accountable, and you are not willing to change.

You are still responsible for your own life. It’s okay to ask people for help whenever you are struggling. We all need a hand at times. Ultimately, no one is going to live your life for you.

Your dream life starts with YOU. No matter what your circumstances are, you always have the choice to create change and influence your life to turn out differently.

This is one of my personal values. It is why I decided to start this blog to show people that it is possible to create your dream life and your dream story.

Another reason why I made Nikkaflora is because I obviously love telling stories and sharing them with others. It makes me happy when I see other people get excited and enjoy my work. Reading is a very beautiful gift.

Honestly I just want to show people how much fun storytelling is and provide knowledge to help YOU how to live your dream life.

If you are interested in storytelling, creativity, and personal growth knowledge, you can subscribe to the Nikkaflora Channel and check out the Nikkaflora Blog. I upload new videos and blog posts every weekend.

I am always open to suggestions. If you feel like there’s a topic you want me to speak about and you think it will be beneficial for my audience, feel free to email me by visiting my Contact page.

You can also comment feedback on any of my social media pages as well. If you want to connect with me on social media, scroll down to the bottom of this page until you see the words Follow @nikkaflora.

This drawing is artwork for Nicole’s ongoing book: Red Silver Hearts. The character on the left is May (aka Haruka) who is staring happily at her companion Steven Stone (aka Daigo Tsuwabuki). Image by © Nikkaflora.

Red Silver Hearts

Red Silver Hearts is the book I am currently working on. It is a fanfiction about May (aka Haruka) and Steven Stone (aka Daigo Tsuwabuki) from Pokemon. I know they are an unlikely pair, but I got the idea while I was playing Pokemon Sapphire.

Even if you have never seen Pokemon or played the games, I still recommend checking out my story if you would like to chill during your downtime and get lost in a romantic and action-packed adventure.

I will be posting more chapters later in 2023. Stay tuned!

Here is the plot of Red Silver Hearts:

The one thing May has always wanted is a Pokemon of her own. A Pokemon partner would be enough to make her happy forever. But she still can’t pass the graduation exam in order to become a fully-fledged Pokemon trainer. Feeling hopeless, May decides to take time away from school and moves back to her hometown Littleroot.

On one fateful day, May is ambushed until she’s suddenly saved by the handsome and mysterious stranger Steven Stone. He then tells her about his newfound interest in Mega Evolution, and she is amazed by his dedication and passion. They quickly become friends and support each others’ dreams. 

Just as Steven unexpectedly comes into May’s life, her snotty former best friend Brendan also returns as a rising star with a brand new attitude. Brendan wants to show that he is not the same bastard he was back at the Trainer’s Academy.

May is torn. She only wanted a Pokemon partner and a fun adventure. Not drama. Not jealousy. Not rivalry. Not blackmail. Not world-domination.

Just a Pokemon, adventure, and maybe a kiss from a special someone.

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Thank you for reading Introducing Nikkaflora! I hope you enjoyed it! 💜

Comment down below and let me know what you think of this first post.

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Until then, let’s create, appreciate, and f*** that hate! Bye guys!

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