Chapter 2: Getting to know Steven Stone

Written by Nicole

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I yelp when the doctor finishes wrapping my bandages around my arms. She smiles as soon as she’s done.

“There you go! You’re good to go!” Dr. Lynn says. 

I lightly brush my fingers against the bandages. “Why did the medicine hurt so much? Isn’t medicine supposed to be not painful?”

The doctor scribbles something onto her clipboard. “It depends. We try to make patients comfortable as possible, but the scars on your arms were lengthy. Luckily, they’re not deep enough to require stitches. I still advise you to be careful out there.”

“Alright,” I mumble. “Thank you for your help.”

“Of course! You’re welcome!” Dr. Lynn says. She leads me to a hallway and points at the door.

“You can exit through here Miss May. I’m sure your boyfriend will be happy to hear that you’re feeling better now.”

“Thanks,” I say. “Wait what!?”

“Take care now!” Dr. Lynn calls out before heading to another patient’s room.

I’m flattered she thinks that guy is my boyfriend, but I don’t even know his name.

I open the door, arriving back in the lobby. Scanning the room, I don’t even see my handsome silver companion anywhere. 

Maybe he went outside?

I make my way toward the entrance until I hear a metallic cry behind me. Turning around, I see Skarmory staring at me intensely as he inches toward me.

“Skarmory! What’s wrong?” I hear his voice yell. It takes seconds for his Pokemon trainer to come right over.

He notices me immediately, giving me a smirk. “Hello. Were you attempting to sneak away just now?”

“No. I thought you were outside,” I reply.

“Understandable. I was actually in the process of purchasing us drinks. The vending machine must have been outside of your peripheral vision so that is most likely why you’ve made the conclusion that I was elsewhere.”

I blink a few times while digesting his words. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, causing some of the people in the lobby to look at me.

He just stands there as his smile falters. “Why are you laughing? Did I say something that tickles your fancy?”

“Oh my god. Tickles your fancy. Of course,” I remark.

“Pardon?” he asks.

“I’m sorry. The way you talk cracks me up. Do rich people talk like that or is it just you?” 

“Oh I see,” he breathes out before chuckling for a bit. “I suppose other conglomerate individuals do speak in this manner. This is how I was raised to converse throughout most of my life. My mother sent me to a private academy where this style of language was prevalent.”

“I get it. I think,” I say. “Wow I should read more if I’m going to understand every word you’re saying.”

“You are very amusing Miss May. I will try to simplify my language then. But please feel free to ask me anything.”


He places my hands on my shoulders to guide me outside. We find an empty bench near the hospital, and he gives me bottled juice. The man opens his bottle, meticulously drinking it.

I watch him while I gulp down my own. Even the way he sips is from another world.

“Is the drink to your satisfaction?” he asks me. “I could get you another one if you’d like.”

“I’m good. Thank you though,” I answer back.

He nods as we sit in silence for a few moments. His Skarmory walks over to him, and he pets his Pokemon’s head gently. Skarmory lets out a happy cry, bringing his head even closer.

Something does come to mind from what he said earlier.

“How did you know my name? Did the doctor tell you?”

“The doctor’s medical assistant informed me. The hospital records require the patient’s name regardless of who the payor is. I’ve covered everything already, so you should not be receiving any bills.”

“That makes sense. Um. What’s your name?”

He stops petting his Skarmory, looking at me with surprise. “Did I not tell you earlier?”

“No! You just flew me out to the hospital after we barely talked!” I yell.

“I could have sworn I-” He cuts himself off in order to stare at the ground. His cheeks become kinda red, and he looks away from me.

I put my hand on his shoulder. “Um are you okay?”

He looks at me again, giving me a small smile. “Pardon me. I do apologize for my rude behavior. My name is Steven. Steven Stone.”

“That’s a cool name! And you’re fine. I just wanted to know your name so that I didn’t have to call you handsome silver stranger,” I blurt out, laughing afterwards.

Steven scoots closer to me until our thighs touch. I stop laughing when his breath hits my neck.

“You think I’m handsome?” he asks.

Oh. I did say that.

I hope I don’t look weird in front of him, but I decide to flirt back anyways.

“Technically, I said handsome silver stranger. So yes, I do think you’re handsome,” I say slowly.

Steven’s smile grows a bit, and I thought that his eyes shined for a second.

“Thank you,” he says. “That is a very flattering compliment.”

“Don’t you get that all the time? I’m sure the women in the lobby were probably checking you out.”

“I do notice other people’s stares, but you’re the first person to tell me that I’m a handsome silver stranger. I appreciate its uniqueness,” he comments.

“I mean, you have really nice hair. And your clothes are kinda weird because I’ve always thought rich people have weird styles, but they suit you. I don’t know. You’re just pretty cool.”

Steven hasn’t taken his eyes off me since the compliment. He takes my hands in his.

“To be frank with you Miss May, hearing those kind words from you truly brings me joy. I’ve been feeling dejected as of late, so I appreciate your honesty,” he says softly.

“Why were you feeling sad? We can talk about it.” 

Steven nods, letting go of one of my hands. He still holds onto my other one as he leans back on the bench. 

“My father views me as a disappointment. He expects me to take over his company once he retires. Which will be years from now anyways. Despite my tumultuous relationship with him, we do meet for a family dinner at least once a year. I stayed over last week, and he still insisted on me moving back home so that he can teach me how to run the company. It’s absurd.”

Silence comes over us again for about a minute while I think of what to say to him. When something comes to mind, I take a deep breath and speak up. 

“I’m sorry you have to go through that,” I say. “I don’t know what your situation is like, but I also don’t have the best relationship with my dad either.”

I feel Steven’s eyes burning holes in the side of my head. “Why is that?”

I meet his expectant gaze. “My dad is the Petalburg gym leader. So of course, he’s a strong Pokemon trainer. He’s never outright insulted me, but I see the look on his face whenever he sees my report card. He didn’t speak to me for a few days when he heard that I flunked out of school. I don’t know if he wants me to take over as the gym leader in the future, but I do know that he’s not happy with how my life turned out now.”

“Do you want to take over as the gym leader?” Steven questions me.

“No,” I say. “Being a gym leader is an honor, but I haven’t thought that far. I pretty much just want to get a Pokemon and see how things go. I’ll study hard and go back to school soon.”

“This will go against your parents’ wishes, but please refrain from returning to school.”

“What?” I utter. “You did not just say what I think you said.”

“I did,” Steven replies. “Being a Pokemon trainer is a life experience. I’m sure school has merit but just because an individual graduates from school with the highest honors does not automatically make them an exceptional trainer. In fact, teaching students to believe school is the only way to be a Pokemon trainer is what you would say . . . bullshit.”

“Ooooh,” I say, cracking up a little. “I’m glad a fancy person like you knows his curse words.”

“Alright May,” Steven replies, laughing anyway. 

I continue talking again. “You’re right though. You can only learn so much from reading. Doing it in person is the best way.”

“I concur.”

“But what am I going to do now? How else am I going to get a Pokemon? I asked my dad before, but he didn’t want to help me unless I passed school.”

“I’ll help you,” Steven says. “We can soar to the skies right now, and we’ll catch a Pokemon together.”

“You . . . You’d really do that?” I whisper.

“It’s your dream May. I believe you can do anything you set your heart on.”

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