5 things to write about if you’re bored af (2023)

Written by Nicole

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If you have no idea how you want to spend your time, come check out this list of 5 things to write about if you’re bored af. After reading my blog post, you will not only be entertained, but you will also learn some useful life advice too.

Personally for me, I have my hobbies which include writing stories, making art, doing yoga, and playing video games. These usually keep me entertained; however, no matter how much I love them, there are times when I want to try new things.

Writing is dear to me because there is so much you can explore with it. When I was younger, I often recorded my thoughts and mapped out my goals in a journal. It was so much fun since I was able to understand myself more. Journaling helped me stay on track with accomplishing my tasks.

Even for people who don’t journal as a hobby or for personal development, I still recommend trying out the writing prompts explained below. So to ease your boredom and fuel your creative mind, here is my list of 5 things to write about if you’re bored af. Enjoy!

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From Nicole’s list of 5 things to write about if you’re bored af, you can write about your future relationships in your journal. This applies to people who either want to improve their current relationships or meet new people. Take the time to think about how you wish to be treated by others, as well as what you can provide for them. The image shows a silhouette of two hands forming a heart while a sun sits in the middle. Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash.

1. Future relationships

The first thing you can write about if you’re bored af are your future relationships. I purposely put this on the top of the list because the relationships we have with other people are more important than anything else. No matter how much money we have or how many fancy possessions we own, the bonds we share with our loved ones determine the quality of our lives.

Some of you may be hesitant to even jot down romance or friendships in your journal due to negative memories. Maybe you encountered painful breakups or fallouts with people you cared deeply about. Or maybe the environment you grew up in influenced you to believe that healthy, kind, and loving relationships do not exist.

Honestly, I understand why the concept of relationships is difficult for some people to think positively about. I bring this up because I have seen or heard people say things like: “true love does not exist” or “you can’t trust anyone to be your friend” or “I’m better off alone.”

Every person has their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions. At the same time, if we’re going to see this from a logical perspective:

If an individual harbors these hindering beliefs, if they constantly look at people as enemies and think others are out to hurt them, if someone believes they cannot have good relationships where you can love and trust each other, then this person will continue to attract negative experiences over and over again.

Your mind is very powerful. It dictates how you feel and your every move in life.

I will say that it is possible to create the future relationships you would like to have. You can write about the ideal person you want to marry or the kinds of friends you want to hang out with.

For example, if you are someone who is introverted and shy, if you feel that you’re not close to anyone and would like new friends, you can write about your future best friend. 

Your friend can be funny and send you memes everyday. If you’re feeling down, your friend could listen to your troubles and buy you ice cream afterwards. If you’re tired of going to events by yourself, you can create a scene where your future friend surprises you with concert tickets for your birthday. Or vice versa.

You can write about anything you desire. It’s your journal.

In my personal life, I had fallouts with bad friends years ago. I kicked them to the curb because I grew tired of their disrespect and nasty attitudes. It sucks, but it happens to everyone at some point. Dealing with immature people who make you miserable is a huge waste of time and energy.

Regardless of what happened, I have faith that everything will work out no matter what. I decided to write about my ideal friends in my journal. I like people who are kind, caring, trustworthy, fun to be with, and wise.

It did not take long for me to attract better people into my life. At the time, I wrote about these friends just for fun and to comfort myself. However, I was amazed when my desires turned into a reality.

Writing things down is a magical process if you choose to believe in it. If you are not happy with the people in your life right now, you do not have to stay with them. It is better to leave them behind. Be with kind people who love and respect you.

Looking back at my past situation, everything I experienced with those people was a huge waste of time. The person I am now does not tolerate bs anymore. However, the silver lining is I learned how valuable true friends are. The people you have by your side will either make or break your life.

Writing about the people you want to be surrounded by will help you visualize and manifest what you desire. This writing exercise about future relationships and my newfound optimism are reasons why I currently have strong bonds with my loved ones.

From Nicole’s list of 5 things to write about if you’re bored af, you can start thinking about your financial future. No matter what your monetary situation looks like, anyone can improve their finances as long as they believe it’s possible and take action to make it happen. Some goals to strive for are saving money, setting aside money for college, and bettering your credit score. The image shows a marbled file folder with the word empower displayed on top of it. A pen and a phone showing the calculator app lies beside the file folder. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

2. Financial future

The second thing you can write about if you’re bored af is your financial future. This is subjective so that means it will look different for every individual.

I noticed this common trend everywhere: people often spend their hard-earned cash on material possessions. As for the word “material possessions”, I’m talking about anything which isn’t food, water, or shelter.

Now I am not saying it is bad to spend money on things such as video games, art supplies, or event tickets. We all need enjoyment outside of work or school.

I view material possessions as negative in certain situations. One example I witnessed in person is when people overextend their financial means. Have you ever waited in line at a store, and the customer in front of you throws a tantrum because their card is declined? Some people have also held up the line by calling their bank, asking them why they don’t have any money.

Then the bank proceeds to read out their financial statements and explain that the customer has spent too much money within the past month. The card does not work because the customer was trying to buy things they cannot afford. It is stupid whenever someone tries to purchase something ostentatious such as designer clothing, even though they cannot afford to buy groceries or pay their bills.

Another negative financial scenario is when people obtain too many items which classifies them as hoarders. The American Psychiatric Association defines hoarding as “a persistent difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions due to a perceived need to save the items.”

What this means is that hoarders collect so much stuff to the point where it fills almost all space in their home. Items are stacked in piles all the way to the ceilings. Mountains of clothes and trash are thrown on top of the carpets. Junk cars and more trash rot in the yard.

While I understand how hoarding is a mental disorder, it still remains as an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. These extremely cluttered homes are biohazards which endanger the hoarder and their family’s health. Having so much clutter in a house attracts rodents, pests, dust, mold, and mildew. A yard filled with decaying garbage is prone to fires and is a petri dish for all sorts of bacterial diseases.

Hoarding also causes social and psychological distress too. Most people do not want to visit a hoarder’s home. In a romantic relationship, if one person is a hoarder and the spouse is not, this will cause marital problems and often leads to divorce. It eventually leads the hoarder to feel isolated, lonely, and depressed.

If you are or if you know someone who is a hoarder, I recommend getting professional help immediately. There are psychiatrists and cleanup crews who are specialized in rehabilitating hoarding.

I pointed out those two situations because this happens all over the world. Many people who do not know how to manage money will spend more than what they can afford. Unfortunately for some individuals, it even goes as far as people losing their homes and experiencing fallouts with loved ones because of their poor lifestyles.

Even if you don’t categorize yourself as someone who carelessly spends or collects too many things, it still benefits you to write about your financial future. Anyone can do this no matter what their monetary situation is.

Before you make financial goals, I suggest you start by recording your net income first. Your net income (aka net pay) is the money you take home after taxes, benefits, and other types of deductions. If you have a job, your employer will list the net amount on your paycheck.

Then make a list of your expenses and subtract it from your net income. Expenses include mortgage or rent payment, car payment, utility bills, subscriptions, etc. This will give you a more accurate estimate of how much money you are actually retaining.

After you receive an overview of your current money situation, it becomes easier to set financial goals which you can personalize for yourself.

You can create monetary goals such as:

  • Saving a certain amount of money every month
  • Getting rid of credit card debt
  • Setting aside funds for retirement
  • Saving money for college or for a house
  • Improving your credit score so that you can get better rates

Writing about your situation now and your financial future will teach you how to handle money responsibly. You will start to be aware of any bad habits which keep you poor. Remember that despite whatever your current finances are, you can always make changes and transition into a healthier and better lifestyle.

From Nicole’s list of 5 things to write about if you’re bored af, you can take notes of your passions and interests. Write about what you like to do. Even if you’re not sure, you can think about new things you have always wanted to try. The image shows a young woman holding a camera which hides her face and is aimed toward the viewer. This implies the woman’s interest in photography. In the background, warm lights glow in the city while the sky is shown to be gradually transitioning into night. Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash.

3. Passions and Interests

The third thing you can write about if you’re bored af are your passions and interests. This is self-explanatory because these are the things you like or you’re curious about.

While journaling, you can always ask yourself questions including:

  • What are the things you love to do?
  • What subjects do you like learning in school?
  • What interests you in a job or career?
  • What are new hobbies you thought about trying?

Every person is unique and has different tastes. I can talk about my interests, as well as from a few other people too.

In my journal, I write about how I can further improve my current passions. I like reading books, making art, and cooking food in my free time.

When it comes to reading books, I make a plan to read one book at a time. I used to read more books at once when I was younger, but there are a lot of tasks to accomplish in a day, so one book is the easiest to manage. In my journal, I jot down the books I’m most interested in reading.

As for art, sometimes I create a list of what I’d like to draw in the future. It’s convenient to be able to refer back to that sheet if I cannot think of anything to draw. However, I don’t always follow my prompts. Some of the best ideas are spontaneous. But I made some cool illustrations and sketches using both methods.

One last thing I love to do is cooking food. I prefer to cook because it forces me to eat healthier, and I save money by solely relying on groceries. I create meal plans to help me determine what foods I can eat for the week.

An example of a daily meal plan I’ve eaten is:

  • Breakfast: multigrain cereal with chopped bananas
  • Lunch: a tofu sandwich with cheese and vegetables + crackers
  • Dinner: stir fry green beans and rice

When I talked to other people, they told me about their interests. One example includes video game design. I know someone who likes drawing swords and characters. He wants to create assets, game maps, and figures which can be rendered in video game animations. A journal comes in handy because he can use it to record his ideas, keep track of his designs, and make prototypes before actually designing it onto a computer. 

Another interest I’ve heard of is composing songs. Some people said they like writing lyrics and music arrangements in their notebooks. Then they play music on various instruments and make beats on their computers. It is admirable when they said they like taking their notebooks with them everywhere because inspiration can come unexpectedly.

The previous examples further proves how journaling can make you more excited and improve on whatever makes you happy. You don’t only have to write about your main passions and interests. You can also write about new hobbies you have always thought about trying one day. Feel free to create bucket lists, and live your life to the fullest.

From Nicole’s list of 5 things to write about if you’re bored af, you can reflect on life lessons. Think back to anything you learned from difficult situations you overcame this year. Think about how you’ve changed as an individual. What else would you like to improve on? Ask yourself these questions, and record your answers. The image shows a silhouette of a young man who has his arms extended toward the sky. He is standing upon a plateau while a sky filled with cloudy shades of pink, blue, and gray looms over the man. Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash.

4. Life lessons

The fourth thing you can write about if you’re bored af are the life lessons you learned during this year. You don’t have to do this specific timeframe, but narrowing it down to the current year is not as overwhelming. We all are given opportunities to learn something new everyday if we choose to be open-minded.

Life lessons differ for each individual because we walk on our own unique paths. The things I learned may or may not apply to you. In order to show you some examples, I will talk about 3 important lessons which influenced me to become a better person.

Choosing who you surround yourself with is necessary if you want to have a happier and drama-free life. When I was younger, I did not know any better and accepted anyone as my friend. This is because I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. At the same time, it harmed me because people who did not have good intentions constantly said mean words, lied to me, and went out of their way to drag me down.

That was a difficult period for me to endure, yet I eventually shook them off my back. I developed a mindset where if people wish to be my friend and want to be included in my life, they have to treat me with respect. Or else they will be dropped like trash on the street.

Another life lesson I learned is that if you’re in a romantic relationship, you need to be kind to your significant other. And vice versa. This should be common sense; however, there are many people who act immaturely and hostile toward their partners.

Foolish behaviors include not communicating with your partner whenever there’s a problem, punishing your partner if you get offended, calling your partner mean names and insulting them, ignoring them, lying to them, being disloyal, and being selfish overall. Anyone who acts in this manner does not deserve to be in a relationship. No one is perfect, but those are huge red flags if the behaviors are constant.

Fostering kindness with your significant other means that you need to be loving, caring, warm, and compassionate. If there is a problem, talk to your partner about it and work together to find a solution. Both of you are a team. Show respect to your partner by refusing to purposely insult them. You can give your significant other cute nicknames such as honey, darling, and sweetheart.

Be faithful to each other, and do everything you can to protect the relationship. Whenever there are important decisions to be made, make sure to talk to your significant other and work on a compromise together. In a romantic relationship, it’s not just about you anymore. All of these positive actions should be shown by your significant other as well.

The third life lesson I learned is how vital it is to build a career. There is a difference between a career and a job. Google defines a career as “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.”

While a job can offer you benefits and a steady paycheck, a career is typically more long-term and provides further advancement in the company. Careers give you more opportunities for you to learn and acquire valuable work experience. People who have careers they like are usually happier in general.

When you do what you love, it influences other people to go after their dreams. Too many people work in jobs they hate. And they may not even know how to build a career. 

For example, a cashier who works at a grocery store has thought about becoming a fashion designer. She’s been at her job for 10 years. When she was a little girl, she drew pretty dresses and colorful clothing in her sketchbooks. If someone like this becomes exposed to people who unashamedly follow their dreams, she will most likely feel inspired and brave enough to do what she loves to do too.

I’m in my 20s right now. Many people around my age do things like go to bars, party until 4am in the morning, or casually date. They care more about having fun while they’re still young. I’m not saying this lifestyle is right or wrong. People can do whatever they want.

My priorities are extremely different from theirs. I care more about developing professional skills, gaining experience from the workforce, reading books to increase my knowledge, and spending time with my loved ones. This may sound “boring”, but these steps are necessary since I am working on a career change.

What I noticed about people who party constantly, even years later, is they lack vision. They do not prioritize what is truly important: taking care of their body, going for a serious relationship rather than a casual one, developing professional experience, building a career, and becoming more mindful in general.  

If you don’t focus on building a strong career, it hurts you down the line as you get older. It becomes tremendously difficult to obtain higher paying jobs when you don’t have the experience and/or education. You won’t be able to afford your own place or a car because your current job isn’t enough to pay for them. Your parents will either cut you off financially, or they may not be able to help you anymore.

I’m always up for having fun. At the same time, I realize that if I don’t take myself and my career seriously, there will be so many negative consequences for when I reach my 30s and afterwards.

Back on topic, writing down the life lessons you learned evolves your self-awareness. You learn how to take responsibility for your choices. Even when you make mistakes, looking back at your journal causes you to reflect and think about how you can do better next time. If you want to grow as an individual, you have to be proactive in your personal development. Be willing to look at hellish situations as some of your greatest teachers.

From Nicole’s list of 5 things to write about if you’re bored af, you can talk about the little things which make you happy in your journal. Ask yourself questions like: “Are there any desserts I love to eat?”, “What is a gift I can give to my husband or wife?”, or “What kind of lunch can I make for my children?”. While accomplishing big things is quite a feat, the little things in life also contribute to your daily happiness. The image shows a group of friends holding beautifully crafted lattes in their hands. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

5. Little things  

For the last thing to write about if you’re bored af, you can list the little things that make you happy. People often overlook the little things in life because they believe happiness comes from accomplishing certain milestones. These include graduating from college, getting married and having a family, achieving financial success, and having a stable career.

While all of those factors are important and do contribute to happiness, you can also create your own joy by looking at the little things differently. Choosing to think in this manner and cultivating gratitude is very underrated yet so powerful.

Personally, I mentioned before that my main interests are writing stories and making art. Of course I feel happy whenever I do those activities. However, there are many other things which seem miniscule that can make me feel like I’m on cloud nine.

I love cold drinks. That’s one reason why I work remotely in a coffee shop. I love sipping on frappuccinos and coffee while making content for this blog. In my journal, I can write about my favorite drinks, as well as obscure drink recipes. Sometimes I ask the barista to surprise me with a new drink. If I like it, I ask them how they made it. Then I can order the customized drink in the future.

When I traveled in the past, I came across huge sunflowers literally towering over me. I was surprised how sunflowers can even grow to be that tall. I drew a sketch in my notebook, recalling how beautiful and serene the flowers were. The weather was also warm, a slight breeze was flowing, and everything looked like a scene from a romance movie.

One last little thing which makes me happy is going for walks outside. My work requires me to be indoors a lot, so I try to head outside whenever I can. I tune into how my body is feeling. My heart rate increases a bit if I break out into a jog. The soles of my shoes hit the pavement every time I take a step. My friends and I either have deep conversations, or we talk smack to each other whenever they join me.

Whenever I think about little things such as these, I feel grateful to be alive. Life can be so depressing at times. But these mini joys make me appreciate everything that is beautiful. It’s so easy to get stuck in negativity, and people often forget the good in life.

Feel free to make a list right now of the little things that make you happy. It doesn’t only have to be about yourself. You can even brainstorm ideas on simple ways to spread joy to your loved ones too.

You can ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do you have any foods or drinks you like?
  • Is there a fun event you and your family can go to?
  • What can you do to make your significant other happy?
  • What gift can you give to a family member or a friend?
  • What is something nice you can say to a teacher who has helped you?

I’m sure there is more to think about. Enjoy writing about whatever makes you and your loved ones happy. After you mark it down in your journal, go out and create this happiness in person. You’d be surprised at how small actions can lead to huge effects.

Thank you for reading 5 things to write about if you’re bored af! I hope you enjoyed it! 💜

Comment down below and let me know what you learned from reading this blog post. If you have a journal, what are some things you want to write about?

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