Red Silver Hearts

The newest book I’m working on is called Red Silver Hearts. It revolves around two of my favorite characters Steven Stone and May (or Daigo Tsuwabuki and Haruka) from Pokemon. I pretty much started writing this because I became inspired to write my own take after playing Alpha Sapphire.

What Red Silver Hearts is about:

The one thing May has always wanted is a Pokemon of her own. A Pokemon partner would be enough to make her happy forever. But she still can’t pass the graduation exam in order to become a fully-fledged Pokemon trainer. Feeling hopeless, May decides to take time away from school and moves back to her hometown Littleroot.

On one fateful day, May is ambushed until she’s suddenly saved by the handsome and mysterious stranger Steven Stone. He then tells her about his newfound interest in Mega Evolution, and she is amazed by his dedication and passion. They quickly become friends and support each others’ dreams. 

Just as Steven unexpectedly comes into May’s life, her snotty former best friend Brendan also returns as a rising star with a brand new attitude. Brendan wants to show that he is not the same bastard he was back at the Trainer’s Academy.

May is torn. She only wanted a Pokemon partner and a fun adventure. Not drama. Not jealousy. Not rivalry. Not blackmail. Not world-domination.

Just a Pokemon, adventure, and maybe a kiss from a special someone.

💜 New chapter every Wednesday

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokemon or any of the characters. This story is written for fun. I also do not own the image used for Red Silver Hearts. I found that image on Pinterest. I will eventually create my own images and replace them when necessary.

A Right Love from a Wrong Wish

A while back, I wrote a book called A Right Love from a Wrong Wish on Wattpad. It’s a Dragonball Z fanfiction about how Vegeta, the mighty Prince of the Saiyans, falls in love with Bulma, Capsule Corp’s heiress.

Honestly, that’s one of the biggest accomplishments in my life so far. Coming up with the plot and eventually finishing the book is harder than college. There’s no teacher to tell you what to do and give you weekly assignments. That book is something I’ve done out of my own will and hard work.

With this in mind, I’m always working on new stories which I will eventually reveal throughout my creative journey.

What A Right Love from a Wrong Wish is about:

Vegeta, the Prince of the Saiyans, only wishes to beat his rival Goku (aka Kakarot as he endearingly calls him) and attain the one thing the Saiyan race has always wanted to achieve: Becoming a Super Saiyan. Yet as the grumpy prince spends more time on Earth while training to fight the Androids, he begins to realize that he might want something else besides power.

And this may involve a certain blue-haired woman. 

But what happens if Goku interferes with the Prince’s newfound feelings toward the fiery woman?

And how will Vegeta fend off against his other rival Yamcha once Bulma falls for the former bandit once again? 

How will the arrival of a new enemy play into all of this? 

Join Vegeta on his quest for power and his struggle with something much, much greater . . . 


💜 Status of book: Completed

DISCLAIMER: I do not own DBZ, and this story is also written for fun. DBZ and the other series are my favorite anime of all time. I did make the book cover for this story lol.

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